What does and NVQ Assessor do?

What does an NVQ Assessor do?

The role of an NVQ Assessor is quiet varied due to the number of different industry sectors that their learners work in.  Being an NVQ Assessor is a rewarding career path as you get to coach, mentor, and develop the next generation of the UK’s skilled worked force.  NVQ Assessors can work in either full time or part time employment.  Jobs are available for assessors with training providers, colleges, education providers and within companies learning and development teams.

NVQ assessors support and assess learners and apprentices that are working towards their National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).  An NVQ Assessor will assess and train their students to help them gain the occupational standards needed to achieve their vocational qualification.

NVQ assessors plan and deliver vocational training programmes and workshops, they liaise closely with their candidates, in house training staff and direct managers. The designated assessor will provide feedback and guidance to learners as well as adhering to the standards of the NVQ awarding bodies.

How Much Does an NVQ Assessor Earn?

There is not set salary range for an NVQ Assessor, this is due to a number of factors:

  1. Dependant on what vocational sector that your learners work in
  2. What level NVQ learners you are assessing
  3. Where your learners are located in the country
  4. The number of learners you are assessing “caseload of learners”
  5. Whether you are a freelance assessor working for a number of different companies or a full time employed permanent assessor.

To give you a rough idea of the numeration and package you could receive as an assessor is as follows.

Between 18k to 35k base salary per annum, plus petrol expenses, plus learner completion bonus, mobile phone, laptop/tablet, depending on your employer a company car. OTE 18k – 45k

Where can Assessors find jobs, careers and employment?

Please use our online job search facility to view and apply to the latest Assessor jobs available with colleges, training providers, FE providers and companies direct

What qualifications do I need to assessor learners and apprentices?

Click here to view the latest assessor courses available.